Luxury Fashion Branding

Luxury Fashion Branding – Trends, Tactics, Techniques by Luxe Corp' Executive Director, Uché Okonkwo, with a Foreword by James Ogilvy, Publisher of Luxury Briefing, is the first book that addresses the business of luxury from a strategic viewpoint. It critically analyses the essential aspects of luxury management through a comprehensive brand strategy analysis, marketing approaches, retail strategies & management, e-business techniques, assessing the luxury consumer psychology, tracing the origins and evolution of luxury, its product management and customization methods, luxury business modeling and best and worst practices.

Luxury Fashion Branding has been described as an essential reading for luxury professionals and is designed for anyone connected with the luxury industry; those aspiring towards luxury; or those who simply want an insight into its intriguing business methods.

Luxury Fashion Branding is available from major book retailers worldwide and online.

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